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Jennifer Clark

Hi again!

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So here we are at Thanksgiving and I was thinking today what I was most Thankful for and the answer was immediate, the ability to praise God (Not preaching here, as I know everyone has their owns views and opinions), my family the fact my Momma and Daddy are still on this earth at 80 and 83 years old, my children all four of them skin and fur, and my health. Thanksgiving is a day to not only celebrate with food but also with thought to the great things that happen to us through the year. Yes, bad things happen as well but even those we should be thankful for because they teach us and help us learn and we should take that lesson away with us to teach to others so they don't suffer the same mistake and are therefore free to make their mistakes to teach for others to learn from and the cycle continues. Life is a cycle and will go around and if its a bad cycle the only person that can change the course of that cycle is us. Smile everyday whether you have a reason to or not and soon you will find that smile not so hard to come by and you'll be smiling just because, share your smile because you never know if the person your smiling at has lost their own smile, you may be saving a life that day. Love because it makes us compassionate and sometimes its our ability for compassion that separates us from the wild animals. Let your love for life shine through your eyes, and if you see someone in need of a hug well give them one if they need it. I use to work in the Tire Lube Express at Walmart ( yes I know, not a very glamorous job LOL but I loved it) I took the service orders so I was outside all day with the customers and you see all kinds of people come in but the one that stuck in my mind is this, I was working as usual it was a super busy day cars lined up and people still pulling in but I always took my time to get a feel for a customer so I could best help them and this man came in he was from Memphis he looked so down and while we were talking I kept getting this awful feeling from him like he had a burden and he needed to talk about it. He looked like he just needed a hug now mind you I didn't know this person from Adam but compassion made me ask him if he was ok. He proceeded to tell me his wife had been killed in a car wreck a month before a drunk driver hit her and you could tell the depth of his emotion went clear to his soul. I looked into that mans eyes and I knew what I had to do I reached up and I gave him a hug I told him I was so sorry for his loss he told me he was struggling to forgive the person that had hit her vehicle because he knew that was the only way. I told him I was proud to have been able to be the one to talk to him that day I told him I felt like he was doing a wonderful thing with forgiveness because hatred is like and infection of the soul it just gets worse and worse till it takes you over and that is all that is left.....hatred! We prayed together and he said he felt so much better that out of all the offers of condolences no one had offer to pray "with" him but for him. He smiled as he went in the store and I felt a lightness in my heart that just maybe I had made a difference in someone's life. I am so THANKFUL I found EBN on my journey with Sheldon because everyone here is wonderful and I consider each and everyone of you family. I love you!


  1. dolphin's Avatar
    Well put and oh so true. You're a gem Jennifer.
  2. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    thanks Phil I just live each day as it comes and smile whether I have a reason to or not but usually I smile because my kids both skin and fur give me a reason to smile a reason to wake up a reason to enjoy each day. I have been in that dark place before and I won't be going back there I much prefer the sunshine.
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    Jennifer, I loved reading this, tears in my eyes, I am honored to have been able to read your words of wisdom. You are so right and I am so glad to have you here on EBN but to call friend!
  4. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    Thank you Lisa I Thank you for creating a place where people can come and talk about our fur babies and not be considered crazy because we just happen to have just as many pics of our bully babies as we do our skin kids. A place that is not only a forum but family a feeling of community even though we are scattered to the four winds. Love like we all have here is a feeling of camaraderie we laugh together we cry together we commiserate we applaud and we look forward to each and every milestone these babies achieve and we achieve as skin parents every little break through to us is a huge step. I case you can't tell I love each and every member of EBN.
  5. Texas Carol's Avatar
    I'm boo hooing like a baby. Needed to read these words, bless you <3

    Thank you, Jennifer, a wonderful & wise post and so from your caring,
    compassionate heart.
  6. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    Thank you Carol working with the customers was one of the few things I loved about that job, even the grumpy ones usually hid a smile somewhere inside them, just have to figure out how to reveal it.
  7. JennieS's Avatar
    I just read this. My goodness I have got to stop crying at work..LOL. What a blessing you were to this man Jennifer. Truly a God moment that you were able to share your love and compassion with him!
  8. 2BullyMama's Avatar
    WOW... just wow! Jennifer, I knew there was something special.good about you... never really knew what or why I had the sense, but now reading this... I do!

  9. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    I really like people in general but I also go on my gut instinct a lot it is how I was able to help people and be as good at my job as I was. I came across very few that gave me the creeps. One of those actually stalked me for a while the guys I worked with always took care of me though when he came in they would hussle me down stairs or into the tire room so he had no contact with me.