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Jennifer Clark

Sheldon's journey

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Let me begin by saying I was totally stupid about puppy mills and the disguises they wear having said that I will begin. My husband and I had been batting around the idea of getting an English Bulldog for a couple years so finally I gave in and started a little research mostly on how to do the training and such. We started getting recommendations from the vets and calling the recommended breeders none had any ready at the time and I was afraid if I didn't act I would wimp out. So we started looking in town I would have even taken a rescue at this point. We walked into this pet store that specialized in puppies. I ASSUMED that breeders brought her their puppies to sell for them not knowing what I know today it made since in my little mind. I looked around and spotted the cutest face in the world, actually two of them. Sheldon kept nuzzling my hand over the top of his little fenced in area, I took a picture of him and sent it to my husband who then came by to meet him and fell in love also. She said she needed to take him home to bath him and get his papers because she hadn't brought his papers with her that day. So we said we didn't want to wait so we met her in another town to get our baby, I thought it was strange she didn't want us to come to her home to get Sheldon but didn't say anything because I had no idea what was to come. We dealt with a few things such as Kennel cough Demadex Ringworm but that was fine as long as my baby was healthy. My MIL and I were talking about the things we were dealing with and tossed around the possibility but didn't really believe. We thought we were being paranoid until a few weeks later and on the news we see the lady we got Sheldon from being busted for running a puppy mill. 128 dogs several litters and pregnant bitches all outside in metal kennels with nothing more than tattered tarps partially covering the kennels dirty buckets of water with stuff growing in it all in the hottest part of the summer and no food out. I looked down at my handsome baby boy and loved on him a little more cuddled him a little more for now I knew what he had endured to be in that store at that time. It was kismet, fate, destiny whatever you want to call it.
Then last year I had a break down and took an overdose of pills and it was Sheldon that got me help. He kept walking back and forth from the bedroom to the living room where my husband was watching television whining and crying very very loudly finally he got up to see what had upset Sheldon so bad and came into the bedroom where he found me unresponsive and got me to the hospital in time. If Sheldon hadn't loved me like he does or been another breed I don't think I would be here today. He loved me when I couldn't love myself. So I understand that saying who rescued who. HE rescued ME!!!

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  1. bullmama's Avatar
    What an amazing story, I never knew that Sheldon did that!!! You are so lucky to have him He really did save your life. I love him even more than ever now!
  2. JennieS's Avatar
    Sheldon's and your story has me in tears. I'm happy you are able to share that. Sending lots of love to you both.
  3. Bazza's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing an amazing story about you and Sheldon. Sheldon sure is amazing and so are you, to fight on, dogs (especially this amazing breed) have a way to love us unconditional and help in healing us, that way they help the disabled, blind, rescue etc etc they are amazing. As for puppy farms they make me sick, and I am glad she was busted and Sheldon found a loving, caring home with you, it was meant to be.
  4. IPickedADaisy's Avatar
    What an understatement of "who rescued who". Thanks for sharing such a personal story.
  5. Manydogs's Avatar
    Oh so grateful to Sheldon for saving your life! Ever since I have joined EBN, I have been drawn to you and your posts! Just think you and Sheldon are great.You were meant to save his life, so he could save yours! How wonderful...coincidence? I think not.
  6. Pati Robins's Avatar
    This must be most amazing story i read this year -you are such a fantastic woman -with a great fur baby at your side , i believe you and your boy was "made to be" that is why you were in the per store at the right time xxx
  7. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    Thank you everyone Sheldon is truly amazing he helps me heal and deal every single day. I try to see the world through his eyes and I just really want to do the best I can do for him. I believe I was led to that place for a reason and Sheldon was that reason. Just feeling that unconditional love I get from him, I wish everyone had the opportunity to feel what we get to feel every minute of every day for even just a while because I see us as being the most fortunate of humans.
  8. Texas Carol's Avatar
    I love how you share the most personal things that others would hide.

    GOD has blessed you with the rare courage to show it all so they can too.

    You are truly a blessing to each person you meet. You. Are. Awesome.
  9. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    If I can help just one person with sharing my story then my work here is done. I have been down that dark road and if I can help one person back into the sunlight then its worth it. I put myself out there so that people walking down that dark road has the courage to turn around and come back to the light and if I need to hold their hand in the process I'm more than willing to do so.
  10. Ftse 100's Avatar
    Jennifer you and Sheldon were made for each other and to help each other I am so happy he alerted your husband that day and you are here with us today.