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Mabel's Big Adventure

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I have been doing some long-distance power walking to get in shape and drop some pounds. I always feel a little guilty when I leave Mabel behind, but she is unable to walk very far without completely pooping out. Today I had a plan . . .

Mabel's Pet Gear stroller was purchased so that we could take her on outings with us and not leave her at home. We had taken her on short walks before. She loved being able to see new things, smell new things, and (OMG) the people she got to meet!

On Friday's walk, I thought, "I'll put Mabe the Babe in her stroller and she can go with me!" I made plans to walk for a full hour.

I learned something very important about the Pet Gear stroller. It is only balanced when the dog (or weight) is spaced between the 4 sets of wheels. Unfortunately, that is not how Mabel prefers to ride.

She spent the first part of the ride in the back of the stroller on the left side. This made the front right wheel wobble horribly, shaking the entire contraption. I had to walk very slowly to keep it steady. The second part of the ride was spent with her sitting above the right front wheel (trying to stop it from wobbling perhaps?) facing backward. This caused the stroller to pull strongly to the right. So for about the second half hour of the walk, I was pushing on the right and pulling on the left so the stroller would roll in somewhat of a straight line. I. Was. Exhausted. I tried several times to get the little darling to move by physically making her stand up and shift her weight, after which she would move right back into her favored position. She met a very nice lady who became a bulldog fan, so I know Mabel enjoyed the ride.

When we arrived back home, we sat on the porch for about an hour, as she napped in the stroller. Like all kids, she's so cute when she's sleeping! Then she woke up, jumped out of the stroller, and took a huge on the front lawn. I think she enjoyed her big adventure.

What started as a brilliant idea turned into a lot of hard work for me, but Mabe the Babe had a great afternoon!
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  1. aprilemari's Avatar
    haha, always a little more difficult than expected, eh? i like the poo ending
  2. Marine91's Avatar
    Great story. I am sure she enjoyed the little adventure and think of it this way. She was helping you get a little extra exercise in your upper body.
  3. JennieS's Avatar
    well at least you got that exercise in from pushing the cart around LOL. Sweet Mabel, I hope she gets more outings
  4. IPickedADaisy's Avatar
    Great story. I can visualize you tyring to keep it straight. I had great expectations for Daisy's wagon too--being able to take her out for socialization before all of her puppy shots were done. Yeah that didn't work out. She'll lay in the wagon in the garage but wants no part of it if it's moving.
  5. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    At least she stayed in the stroller Sheldon would have jumped out of it the second it started rolling. LOL
  6. Manydogs's Avatar
    I had bought a used Child's jogging stroller for $75.00. It has the BIG front wheel, and is very strong. It is a "two seater", and I thought I could walk and take two dogs with me. Well, when I put dog#1 in, put seat belt on-she ripped the seat belt out and jumped out and ran up the steps! The stroller WAS like new. Now it's ripped, and no one will go near it! So much for that IDEA!!