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The Social Butterfly

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Bill brought Mabel to my office yesterday. She made bulldog lovers out of everyone she met!

Mabel has never met a stranger. For a dog who didn't have the greatest life during her first 4 - 5 years, she certainly bears no ill will toward people. However, dogs are another issue. Our neighbor has two Yorkie puppies who are adorable--to us. Mabel is not amused. She lunged and snapped at one--so not cool.

Our vet was surprised that this dog, who had several litters, would snap at a puppy. I am not sure if she wanted to play and just doesn't know the proper etiquette, or if she is just a diva who doesn't want any other dogs around. Or maybe having so many litters has completely turned her off from being around puppies--you know, like "get those GD kids out of my face!!"

In my office, she explored every open room and sat and offered a paw to everyone she met. Thank goodness there were no other dogs, or she'd have blown her newly-gained reputation.

This little angel of a dog has continued to amaze us with her love and dedication to us. I will NEVER be without a bulldog!
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  1. gunnyboy's Avatar
    She sounds so sweet, I love lil girly bullies !Having all those litters ya cant blame her too much. Some bullys just dont like other dogs. My Gunnyboy loved people and kids but would fight any dog no matter how big it was. sometimes we just cant figure them out. It sounds like ya got a partner, hug her, love her and then some more.