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Gunny and me

Whats in bed with me ?

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Yesterday me and my babies were in the back yard just relaxing and enjoying the sunny cool day. Sarge and loulou were sitting at the back door waiting for me to let them in. as some of you know they hate the outdoors and everything connected with it. I let them in and they fly in like something is chasing them, they are happiest in the house. I decided to stay out a little longer and enjoy sitting under a big ol oak tree and enjoy the serenity and cool breeze. I saw a big groundhog down by the fence eating the tender grass like there is no tomorrow. There are quite a few around but this guy was extra big and chubby. I watched him for awhile and then went inside to feed my babies they start winning cuz Im spending too much time outside and not with them. I fed them their Blue buffalo Salmon, some green beans and a couple small chunks of watermelon. The night went on as usual sitting on the couch in the middle and one on each side of me while I have both hands busy petting them. ( what a life huh ! ) I keep thinking about that big groundhog and how fat he was and furry. It was time to go to bed, Loulou likes to sleep on the couch she dosent like climbing the stairs. I tucked her in and kissed her like I always do and headed up stairs with Sarge. I watched a little tv and then went to sleep. Sarge likes getting as close to me as he can, I think Im spooning with a bullie Lol. but he is liak a wart on my side. All of a sudden its 3 in the morning and Im half asleep jumping out of bed and running in to the wall I felt a furry thing licking my feet!!! all I could think of is that big fat Groundhog and how he got into the house, I didnt see Sarge so I thought he saw it and ran down stairs. I pulled the covers down and there it was !!! A big old fat bulldog, It was Sarge. He never crawled under the covers before. His eyes were big looking at me wondering what all the trouble was. That dang Groundhog must have been my subconscious. sarge is never to go under the covers any more. Just though I would share, it sounds like something my Gunnyboy would do, and Sarge is taking over for him.


  1. Sheena's Avatar
    Hahaha that is so cute. You got me cracking up
  2. Marine91's Avatar
    Too cute.
  3. maggieclouse's Avatar
    Enjoyed the story thanks for sharing
  4. natski282's Avatar
    lol I,M in tears well done Gunny have a great day M8
  5. Tkelley's Avatar
    Too funny!
  6. ChrisRN's Avatar
    ROFL! I would have had the same reaction! So funny!