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the kiwi bullie update (bailey)

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Well!! ... Have I learnt soooo much since breeding my first litter of bullies!! I thought after 3 years of research & learning & listening to EB owners & breeders I knew all I needed to know about owning & breeding EB's ... I don't!! ... I am learning & respecting the breed of EB's everyday I wake to our puppies .. & more so since having our beautiful puppies! I sooo want to stress to ANYONE who is going to breed their EB to have a mentor who has the knowledge & experience in breeding to be on board with you to guide you through EVERYTHING you need to know! We have been so fortunate to have a reputable breeder who has been breeding bullies for 30!! years mentor us & can not thank them enough for their knowledge & guidence they have shared. We have now passed our critical care stage of 10 days & now are at day 14 (getting an hours more sleep:)) & all are doing well & growing into the most cuuutest babies & bailey has been such a awesome mum .. when she needs time out she sits in my wardrobe ... over having to put my shoes back in when she leaves!! LOL .. I know I'm on the other side of the world to the majority of bullie lovers who access this site .. but it is the best I have found to communicate with & share & gain info from. I think it is the greatest site for EB lovers!! thanks heaps guys talk to you soon & will post some pics real soon!! ;)


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    Cannot wait for picture updates. Glad you pointed all of those things out. Sounds like myself talking really. Glad you made it through round one. Yes, hands on it really IS a totally different experience, you can never be prepared enough for what it is actually like to raise a litter of Bully pups until you have done it.
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