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Gunny and me

Fall is in the air

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It was a beautiful day in NW Pennsylvania today. I took my babies for a walk today and they really enjoyed it, They always draw a crowd where ever they go.
Came back home and got them outside with a treat and of course they sat by the door waiting to go in, they hate the outdoors. they are just about finished shedding and you would think they would be bald with all the hair they loose. Its starting to feel like fall and Im fine with that. The goldenrod is yellow so thats a sure sign the cool weather is here to stay. I am so lucky that I live out in the country but not far from town. I think your lucky to see 3 cars go down the road. Its so quiet and good for finding yourself.Sarge is such a goo boy and loves me to the moon and back. And Loulou is my baby girl that loves her daddy to. I took them to the groomer yesterday for a good shampoo and vinegar rince. When we got home all I got all afternoon was the stink eye from both of them,they were besides themselves for me leaving them there. We are never apart except when I need to go to the store for an hour or so.. I am really blessed to have them in my life. Its still hard for me without my Gunnyboy and I still shed tears for him There was never a dog like him. but I dont compare my two babies with him. they all had their own way of loving and they they expressed themselves. But Gunnyboy was so deep into my soul I could actually feel him without touching him. I dont wanna go on and on but I could without a problem. And I am so blesses to have EBN and all the good friends here. thank you all for always supporting me and helping me thru some tough times.


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh tom i just love reading these. its so nice to see your love of your bullies past and present. it truly is like nothing else :)
  2. Rural mystic's Avatar
    Sounded relaxing day. But boy its anything from Fall like weather here in North Florida. Oh my its still so hot and humid. At the right time of the day one can just be outside doing nothing and the sweat will start pouring. Not to mention the dang bugs and weeds full of pollen.
  3. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Time to move North, I moved to N C 5 years ago but moved back to northern Pa. I just couldnt take the heat.