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Gunny and me

My babies

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Just sitting here thinking how lucky I am to have my two babys wher with me. Sarge and Loulou are just the best bullys, they love each other and never fight
sometimes they eat out of the same bowl. Loulou loves to sleep and the couch is hers. She cant jump that high so I lift her up a thousand times a day, she is worth the effort. she hates the out doors and thats ok where ever she is happy is ok with me.She is a lap dog and always wants to sit on her daddy, I love it, as far as Im concerned she has no faults, she never chews things and never gets in trouble. I always have to coax he out to pee with a treat, but I love her with all my heart. Now Sarge, he is by my side 24/7 where ever I go he wants to be.He is full of energy and loves to play only if I play with him, he never wants to play at alone. he used to be a chewer,phone, my glasses , furniture, my shoes and anything he could get his teeth on. Sarge got over the chewing part of his life, I never made an issue of it.Its so heart warming to see them all snuggled up together snoring together. how could life get any better. One thing would make it better and that is to have my Gunnyboy back. I still miss him so much ans still cry for him Sarge is now sitting with me on the porch where Gunny used to lay.That old man is etched into my heart and nothing will ever take that away. I am so lucky to have had the pleasure of sharing my life with the three bullys that owned me. Im a lucky person to have their love and I know my Gunnyboy is at the bridge looking down smiling down at us knowing than one day we will all be together again. ♥


  1. Twice's Avatar
    Geez Tom. You sure know how to make a girl cry dontcha lol

    You're a lucky man for sure. Gunny IS watching you and he is still sitting on the porch with you. He isn't ever far from you just as Abby isn't ever far from me. Close your eyes and breath. You'll feel him with you
  2. gunnyboy's Avatar
    I know, Im an former Marine and did 13 months in combat, but when I think of that old man I cant help but cry.He was the happiest bully Ive ever known always had a smile on his face. He loved life and loved being with me all the time, our eyes always talked to each other.He owned me and I was ok with that. Cant wait to see him again !!
  3. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw tom always love your blogs so its good to see you back at it as im sure people are tired of mine :yes:. im glad your happy my friend
  4. Marine91's Avatar
    Semper Fi my brother. Gunnyboy is watching over you from above he knows you will be ok as Marines always march on but we never forget those who we have loved and lost. It wouldn't surprise me if he was up there giving Chesty a run for his money.
  5. bullmama's Avatar
    Love reading this, I have goosepimples of love running through my veins! Thank you for your blog!
  6. Mary Grace's Avatar
    I love your post. It truly touched me. I'm just starting on my journey with my baby, but in the month I have had her I've fallen completely in love with her and the breed. I've had many of dogs in my lifetime, but know that I have now found my heart truly belongs to the bullys.
  7. MARY BARNES's Avatar
    Hi.I know how you feel . I lost my Rocky in June. He was my shadow .Sitting on my lap for hours helping me in then garden ,everywhere I was He was . I hope Gunny and Rocky are playing waiting for us to meet them someday at the rainbow bridge,,