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The joy of adopting a senior

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So I've been thinking a lot recently about how amazing the past 4 months have been ever since we adopted Princess. She has made our "pack" complete. We have had our ups and downs with a few fights, but all in all it seems like the 3 of them are finally starting to feel comfortable and find their place. But adopting Princess has been a totally different experience than adopting Gio and Diva, it's hard to explain, I don't want to say her adoption is more special (because I love them all equally and can't picture my life without any of them), but I guess it is. It's like she knows that she got a second chance of life, and she gives us so much love everyday because of it. I have watched her become more playful everyday, I really believe her younger "fur siblings" are bringing the puppy out of her! But I guess the reason why I've been thinking a lot about adopting senior dogs is because whenever I tell people her age and that we adopted her in January I always get the same confused look, followed by something like "Oh, you adopted a 10 year old bulldog? Isn't their life span like 8? Doesn't that make you worry"? I usually just smile and say that she will probably outlive us all! Adopting a senior dog has been so rewarding in so many ways that I plan on doing again and again in the future, and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Sorry for the rambling, I just really wanted to share my positive experience with my EBN friends!


  1. JeannieCO's Avatar
    I just love reading this!! Seniors have such a wonderful soul and the look in their eyes is enough to melt anyone. My response to anyone about adopting a bully or any dog at this age would probably be, well at least I know they'll have a beautiful loving exist when that day comes.
  2. 2BullyMama's Avatar
    Must be such a rewarding, heart warming feeling.
  3. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh i agree senior bullies have so much to give. bless you :)
  4. bullmama's Avatar
    So wonderful
  5. CanadianCutie's Avatar
    We adopted a 7 year old bulldog in February 2013. We chose him over some younger ones. We love him more than ANYTHING!! He wants nothing more than love from his people and to eat some great treats; especially carrots and apples.