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Gunny and me


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Since I live alone now with my two Babies they seem to not be able to do anything without me.
The only time I dont have my hands on them is when they are sleeping and they want me with them for that too!
They love other people and when friends come over to visit they are the whole show, making people laugh and wanting attention from everyone.
but when we are alone I feel like I have two warts on my butt. If I sit in my chair they both want up, If I sneeze they both jump out of a deep sleep and come a runnin to me.They are the happiest when I sit on the couch with one on each side of me. If they are eating and I go into the other room, they leave their food and come looking for me and I have to go back while they finish eating. It just worries me that they cant do anything on their own. They are healthy and happy and I love them like I did my Gunnyboy. Maybe I"m making alot over nothing.any comments would be appericated.


  1. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    Do you ever leave them alone while you go out? If they cope ok alone I wouldnt worry too much about them wanting you all the time. They just love their Daddy thats all and want to keep him safe :love:
  2. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Their fine for hours when I leave, so maybe theres nothing to worry about, Thanks
  3. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    They just love you Tom...and you know when a bully loves are their property! :love:
  4. cowsmom's Avatar
    i would think if you can leave the house for a while and they are ok then there is nothing to worry bout. i make sarah go lay down when i am on the couch so perhaps some boundries at times so you can have some breathing room. if your on the couch make them lay on the floor and such sometimes. if i let her sarah would have me rub her butt all day long seriously but i dont do that. i rub her for as long as i want then tell her to go lay down.
  5. gunnyboy's Avatar
    I"ll try that,right now they are trying to get on my lap as I type.