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Gunny and me

Taking after Gunny

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Yesterday, I loaded up Sarge and LuLu to take a trip to the mall. Well they call it a mall in this small Pennsylvania town in the Alleghany Mts.I has about 4 stores, one of them was a tractor supply store. They let you take you dogs in while you shop and they love it cuz they always get a treat there.So I open the van side door and hook up LuLu and have her on a leash, she jumps out while I hook up Sarge. While hooking up Sarge LuLu slips her harness then Sarge jumps out and Lulu is headed for the store. I take Sarge over to get her but she dosent want to go. I take Sarges leash off him cuz he usually listens. I pit the leash around LuLu and take her to the van. I told sarge to stay where he was, yea right!! I turn around and there goes sarge in the store thru the automatic doors, I cant see him so I go down where the treats are and there he was running back to the doors with a huge bone in a plastic wrapper, I swear I saw a grin on his face. I paid for the bone and finally had both in the van and heading home, Sarge reminded me so much Of Gunny doing that he was always in trouble.


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    Oh Tom isn't it strange how a new dog will act like a former one. Sounds like some days I've had as Dallas got out one day n almost got into Walmart lol. It's good to hear your stories again :D
    Updated 04-24-2013 at 07:08 PM by cowsmom
  2. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    I am giggling away :D I can see you now, trying to catch one while the other high tails it for the store. I can also imagine how pleased he was with himself for finding that bone :ROFL:
  3. Libra926's Avatar
    I'm laughing.....he's the type of boy who know what he wants and where to get it. None of the window shopping or casually strolling the isles for him! Vegas did the same thing with a bully stick. I was grossed out...but damn them! Why do they allow your pets into the store...then insist on putting the enticing treats at nose level?