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Gunny and me


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Tomorrow will be 1 year since gunnys passing. Its been a tough year without him and I still cry for him. He was one in a million and I have never
had a friend or person as faithful to me as Gunny was. It was just a magical bond between him and I. I remember when I was real sick and he stayed by by side on the bed and never left me, and he knew that he had to be careful while he was on the bed with me. He always made me laugh when I wanted to cry. We would sit on the porch and pass the time and never had to say a word, his eyes did the talking.He was so crazy and always getting me in trouble, but I loved it. He made all my days sunny even on cloudy days and I"ll never forget that boy, he is buried deep into my soul and I know I"ll see him again one day cause we were meant to be together in life and death.I"ll never be able to repay him for all the love that he gave me for 10 years for all the things he taught me about myself and how to love unconditionally. I could go on and on but many of you know the bond we had and understand what I"m trying to say.Gunny is gone but will never be forgotten and I will love him till the end of time, I love you old man and I"ll bet you have the angels feeding you with a spoon.
I have Sarge and Lulu in my life now and I love them so much , they havent taken Gunnys place but are making a place of their own in my heart. They are both a joy and I wouldnt know what to do without them. I didnt loose Gunny I gained two more babies that Gunny sent to me. Sarge is going to the nursing home today with me to bring some cheer to some people that need it and I know he will do a good job, he has turned out to be just like Gunny ginving all the love he has to anyone who wants it. he now sits on the porch with me passing the days. Lulu is a special girl who likes to have her belly rubbed and is a couch potato. I love them both and am so blessed to have them.


  1. Davidh's Avatar
    Gunny was a special bully for sure and will forever be in your heart. He was a very handsome boy too.
  2. ChrisRN's Avatar
    So sorry for your loss. That was a very moving entry. As one who lost the dog love of my life recently, I truly feel your pain.
  3. Rural mystic's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this. I think most in this forum know exactly what you are saying
  4. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh tom its hard to believe its been a year since that fateful day you lost your beloved gunny. i just love reading how you still care for him but have others in your life to carry on with. there are few that can fill your heart like that one special animal does. i love sarah so much to. im glad you are still around tom and i enjoy your blogs and posts on here.
  5. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Tom..I'm just seeing this. Gunny is with your heart. And we ALL know he made sure you had Sarge and Lulu..I'm so happy you are still here with us...I enjoy your stories..:)
  6. kazzy220's Avatar
  7. Desiree's Avatar
    I am brand new here and I to lost my best friend in the world ...i to was sick near death and he never left my bed.
  8. 2BullyMama's Avatar
    can't believe it has been a year already.... he is ALWAYS with you!