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Hi ebrybully! :)

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-img_1815-jpg-img_1824-jpg-img_1808-jpg-img_1819-jpgHi dare! I'm Yuna- and dis is my wittle brofer Tidus. We was born on Febwuawy 16 of dis year. I wuz born furst so i am da one in charge. I am very cwazy, I am aways lookin' fur sumfin' to get into. My brofer is very calm unless its pwaytime. But today we got in twuble. We found sum water comin out of da gwound so we digged it up. Our BIG mommy (we have 2 of dem, one wif and one wifout fur) wuz kinda mad, but den she just sat dere wif dat camera fing an took a bunch of pictures of us. She finnish her hot dwink an den gave us a baf! Whew I was sure gwad we did not get into big twouble..... I guess she noes dat we jus can't wesist such a fing as wata comin out da gwound!!!


  1. tachia's Avatar
    You are soooo cuuuute I'm sure your mum with no fur will get over being mad!! :p
  2. TessaAndSamson's Avatar
    OMG how have I not come across this before!! Those are the cutest pictures ever!!!!