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My Life with Mabel Part II

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Life with Mabel has sure been eye-opening! If anyone were to have told me that a short-haired dog required this much maintainence I never would have believed them. There are wrinkles, and ear drops, and wrinkles, and eye drops, and wrinkles, and tail pockets, and did I say wrinkles?

The number one thing that makes these little guys so adorable requires meticulous care--at least on Mabel. I just keep finding wrinkles! I figured out the two deep ones that were obvious and have to be kept clean from eye drainage and "boogers." Then I found two more closer to her nose that are also pretty deep. Then there's the one at the top of her nose, the two under her chin, the big one on her neck, and the monster of all skin folds--the one that is the result of the one-too-many breedings that this little girl was forced to endure. I think that one's the worst. It has to be cleaned very well every day, dried and powdered to keep dry, especially on these snowy days.

I've heard everything about caring for her wrinkles--from baby wipes to TUCKS pads, dry gauze, cotton balls and witch hazel, Desitin cream, etc. I'm in the process of seeing which works best. This little diva loves the spa treatment. After I powdered her belly the other night she stayed on her back and let me dremel her nails. I guess she likes a manicure after her massage.

The good news is, we are seeing a huge--I mean HUGE--change in this little dog! She is opening up to us. She's our little shadow and runs to us when she sees us. Looking back on her behavior for the first week or so, I believe she was a little depressed. After all, while her foster home wasn't the best situation for this little dog, it WAS home. I think she has just realized that she's here to stay. She is starting to play with us and occasionally will pick up a toy and toss it. That doesn't last long, but she's getting the idea that it's OK to play.

One of the things we did immediately after we brought her home was put her on Life's Abundance Health Food and a daily supplement. We've seen a huge difference in her shedding, her eye boogies, and her energy. It will be great if this continues. She has her visit to the bulldog vet on Saturday. I'm hoping for good news. We want her and her wrinkles around for a long time!

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  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh my little mabel is settling in. its so good to see and hear about. thanks for sharing that. :2thumbs:
  2. Texas Carol's Avatar
    @ChrisRN...Bawling like a baby here even tho I've read all your posts.

    Mabel's behavior is so like Brutus, about learning how to play (he did
    but again, like Mabel, never developed much interest in the toys) and
    he too, got right up in the truck between Mother & me w/nary a look
    back and not a sound from him the 5 hrs home. Once he trusted he
    could play & romp & be with us (he spent ALL his life in his crates)
    w/out any yelling at him...he just couldn't believe it! I so wish I could
    have given him more than those 7 months of joy but so happy he got
    that much. Like Mabel (and all of them) Brutus deserved so much more
    than the crappy, numerous scum that passed him on & on & on.

    GOD bless y'all for taking Mabel and loving her so much. Carol