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Fosters Chance & Destiny

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Wednesday Update: Well I can't believe it is already Wednesday ... The morning started out nice everyone has been fed and they had full bellies and were snoring happily ... after about 30 minutes is was time to go outside and doing after breakfast potty, so Diesel, Molly, Ally & Chance all went out and did their business I brought them in and let Destiny out to do her business ... she was fine around the boys and at that moment Molly too .... its now almost 11:00am so again potty time ... shuffle started Ally safely put away and time for Destiny to go out. So Molly was out first 20 minutes completely fine ... then the most horrible thing Destiny jumped Molly I ran into the yard but Molly had tried to take cover under the deck and Destiny had her cornered, she shook Molly like a rag doll in the space that was available and I was too damn fat to fit under the deck but my baby was in danger so I don't know how I did it but I forced myself under the deck and pulled Destiny off my girl I let Molly escape then dragged Destiny from under the deck ... trying with all my might not to let my anger take over! I am just shaking and crying right now because I was so stupid to let this happen, I'm so angry at myself for being so stupid!!! Molly is ok, she is a tough cookie and the blood all seems to be from Destiny but I let my baby girl into a dangerous situation and I will hate myself for that for a very long time!! Soon as I calm down and can put on my calm assertive energy I will put Molly in the bath tub and let her soak in the warm water, she is acting sore from being tossed around but has no open wounds at all, thank goodness or I would NOT be able to forgive myself it will be hard enough as it is.

I won't give up and will continue to foster Destiny but she will no longer be trusted with any of the dogs!!! I will let the rescue Pets Without Partners know she must be kept in a single dog family ... she seems o.k. with the boys but why set her up for a possible failure.

Until tomorrow ... I totally spent!!!


  1. Dubbiedog's Avatar
    Hi Bulldogs4me, I can't believe I'm up late enough and lucky enough to see your blog. You may know me Dubbiedog and my girl "Dublin" Well Dublin has always been so submissive, stoic, well mannered and has never in her two year snapped or made a peep at another dog. Just sweet as can be. Well that is until we brought our new Rescue "Tio" into the family nearly a month ago now. They are both the same age but you would never know it, Tio has come from a hoarding and severe neglect situation with many medical issues we are dealing with, but he is oozing with love and neediness and of course i am totally besotted by him. Dublin sleeps in bed with us and Tio sleeps in his crate (still not fully housebroken at two) I expected some adjustment but what I have experienced a few times now is down right scary. It can start of a simple thing Like one dog is in one bed and the other in the other bed and for some reason one has to switch and that is it. It starts out okay so I watch carefully and then I see Dublin getting rougher and rougher and I'm in such shock I cant' belive what I'm seeing..then if I see Tio not able to hold his own and stare pleadingly at me I put a stop to it. I have misjudged it a couple of times and it was an all out brawl. It doesn't happen when feeding them or in the car with them or taking them anywhere. I think as I'm writing this that I feel it only happens when they are both in close proximity to me... I work out of the house so I have a bed for each of time on either side of my desk. One day goes fine and the next it is back to square one. My once orderly quiet home with a very sweet but "spoiled" bully is now at times bedlam and a few other people ( wont' mention any names LOL) are very unhappy with the decision to adopt. Well, I'm not and Tio is staying and anyone else can go...LOL I just want some harmony back. I will deal with all of the medical issues no problem it's this jealousy is driving me bonkers...What to do???? and I only have two...