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Life with foster bulldogs Chance & Destiny

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On December 29, 2012 I went to town with the simple purpose of buying some new nail clippers and doggie toothpaste ... to end up coming home not only with nail clippers and toothpaste for the babies but 2 Foster Bulldogs, it was not my intention to bring home 2 extra dogs but thinking English Bulldogs in a shelter wasn't something I could handle ... knowing they were not getting the daily care necessary to keep them happy and most of all healthy!

This has been my foster ride so far:

Saturday 12-29-12 ... great introduction all 5 dogs, my beloved babies Diesel & Molly and my sons Chocolate Lab Ally and the 2 fosters, now named Chance & Destiny (thank you to Libra926) got along great and just meshed well. Chance & Destiny slept through the night without any problems.

Sunday 12-30-12 ... everything was great all day long, all 5 dogs were able to be out and about in the yard and house.

Monday 12-31-12 ... hit a bump in the road, Destiny attacked my sons Lab Ally. We were able to get them separated without any real damage, a little blood but no need for vet care .. thank goodness! Kept the dogs separated to make sure harmony could be kept.