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baileys babies

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  1. bullmama's Avatar
    They are beautiful! I see one that looks just like mom. How many boys/girls?
  2. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Sleeping much? :p
  3. tachia's Avatar
    Sleep????? Whats that?? hahahaha ... we got 5 boys & 4 girls ... the boys are monsters they have taken off real well the girls aren't far behind but we have 1 girl who is the runt & she has just passed her birth weight today she is on bottle as well as mum
  4. bullmama's Avatar
    Let us know when you get past 10 days, and out of the danger zone. Hope everything continues to go well for you.
  5. Bulldogmom2009's Avatar
    Congrats - Good luck and I'm looking forward to update pictures. My Mama Cass has a c-section on June 25th, unless they arrive sooner..... I will post pictures as soon as they arrive.
  6. tachia's Avatar
    Exciting isn't it!! ... Can't wait to see them!!