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Gunny and me

First snow

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well last nite it snowed for the first time this year about 5" , its so pretty and since Sarge and LuLu are both southern bullies they never saw snow.Sarge was first out and couldn't figure what was coming down from the sky all these little white things in the air. He kinda didn't know what to do. he started sniffing the snow and I think he likes it,he started running and jumping in it. LuLu not so much, she went out looked around and wanted no part of it, hmm, I had to get her out to pee but now she wont even go near the door. I put some pee pads down so she could go. finally she saw Sarge out there and went out with hesitation, she ran out real quick and peed and right back in, almost ran into the door. I think this is going to be a long winter with her. My Gunnyboy loved the snow and would run and slide in it, I sure do miss him so much but I"m thankful I have Sarge and LuLu.


  1. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    Awww Tom missed reading your blogs! Love hearing your stories
  2. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    OMG how did I miss this??

    :hug: Gunnyboy is watching over you :hug:

    Missed you Tom...its lovely to see you back xxxx