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Gunny and me


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Well it"s been a long six months since I lost My Gunnyboy and I still miss him and it hasn"t gotten any easier for me, I loved that dog so much that I dont think I"ll ever get over it.I thought that time would ease the pain and I could go on without him. As I write this the tears are falling just thinking about him. He was a beautiful ol man and no one in my life could make me feel like he did ,I just looked at him and he made me smile, we didnt have to talk to each other , we did it with our eyes His love changed me as a man, he taught me to be a better person, how to love and he was always by my side no matter what, If I could look into his eyes once more and hug him and tell him I love him one last time all would be ok but I can"t so my paine will never go away. I know he is waiting at the rainbow bridge waiting for me. I can picture him seeing me and that bulldog butt just a wagging and that big smie he always had. I know that GOD would never keep us apart after death, so I know I"ll see my Gunnyboy again and we will be together for eternity . I have Sarge and Lu Lu and I love them both they kinda fill some of the space thats empty. I"m so glad I have them both, Gunny made it possible for them to have a good life with me. Alot of water has gone under the bridge so good and some bad but we are all fine and life will go on.


  1. mabel lou's Avatar
    I hope one day your tears will dry and you remember that gunnyboy was brought to you for the time being. You needed that one certain thing in your life and god knew this so gunnyboy was sent to do that for you. This was just part of gods plan and it worked. Your life changed forever because of him and that is wonderful thing about loving someone. Now your job is to do what gunnyboy did for you and pass it along to your others and thats what keeps gunnyboys love going and going. All said respectfully to you :)
  2. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Thats so nice thank you
  3. mabel lou's Avatar
    I tell my gbaby that we are here for a reason and they are brought to us to do a job in our lives. Sometimes we don't even know that a job needed to be done lol. But at the same time that one certain bully god sent here also needed me to do a job for he or she. It can be short term or long term but she understands that when it is time to say goodbye that our job is done and now it is time to let them go and grow for the next part of their journey. And she knows that god chose us to have such wonderful jobs because not everybody gets chose to be the teacher or student to a bully as it may be a different breed for someone else but we smile knowing we were picked to be able to connect in such a wonderful way. The teaching that they do for us is the greatest thing to pass on to the next one. The journeys of our lives are amazingly beautiful. I have always felt that my job is to teach them how to be free but then again they tought me how to be free as well and that is why we connect so well. Your boy undoubtedly felt what being free was all about, and now your others will see it and feel it just as gunnyboy did. Have a great afternoon. :]
  4. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh tom its good to see you blogging again even if its to remember gunny. i remember gunny and the exploits that you posted about him here and in the forum. i dont think any words i can say will make that any better but i hope you day your pain lessens and gunny will make you smile instead of tears. the love of that one dog is sometimes hard to get over and go on but sarge and lulu need you and you need them whether you know it or not. may gunny and god smile down on you now and tomorrow and forever.
  5. LariP's Avatar
    Although the pain of losing your precious boy is still much too raw and liable to remain that way it's still a very good thing that you can focus on some positive things and give Sarge and LuLu the wonderful life they have with you!
  6. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Tom, just wanted to give you a :hug: and let you know I think of Gunny all the time and miss you. Nice to hear from you and Gunny misses you too.
  7. bullmama's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts, we miss you and Gunny and the new kids
  8. Alaskasmom1's Avatar
    So sad to know how it hurts, but so glad to know Gunny was loved so much by you, and you him.
  9. Texas Carol's Avatar
    Tom, I've cried many tears for the losses these members have endured but I think
    you, Heff & Twice have touched me the most because the love is so great and the
    loss so deep. I do know that pain and I'm sorry we feel it but I'd do it all over again
    just as I know each of you would too. Thank you for sharing Gunny and your love for
    him, with us. Much love, Carol