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Octoboer 21st and October 22nd 2011

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Two grand mals in 24 hours. This just sucks. On Sunday the 21st, Vegas, Orion and I were all cuddled on the couch watching the "Walking Dead". This was about 7:45ish. He gets down off the couch and walks right into the wall, face first. Then he hits another wall. I grab him and pull him against my chest as he starts to seize. As soon as it was over (I'm wondering if he can breathe during these?) I tried to distract him with the promise of dinner. As I was prepping, another (very short) one hit. After that..he was fine. No other signs of impending seizures.

Fast forward 28 hours and now we are at about 11pm on October 22nd. Everyone is in bed and asleep. Vegas (out of character) decided that he wanted to lay on the bottom end of the bed without any covers. A change in his demeanor wakes me and immediately I reach for him. His breathing changes and he gets frantic. I try to pull him to me, but he wont allow it. By this time, Mark is also up trying to assist him. The seizure happens and he is still frantic. We help him off the bed and he is looking for something. We provide him several options of toys...but eventually he decides he wants back into bed. Once he is settled....the night passes without any other incident. Even at 4am when Orion appears outside our door barking. Vegas gets up and comes to the end of the bed. Orion settles into her kennel in our room....and Vegas relaxes and falls back to sleep. This morning...Vegas gets up at 5:30 to pee. I notice he is walking with a limp. After he comes from outside, he has settled on the couch while I am typing. Sweet sweet boy. Why is his life so hard?

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  1. Vikinggirl's Avatar
    :Oh poor baby, I hope he gets relief for his seizures soon, maybe a different medication, or a higher dose. My Dad had to try 3 different ones, before his Labs' seizures stopped. Hope you find the right one soon. Keep trying and try not to worry too much, I know easier said than done. Bulldozer and Blossom send their love.
  2. Biogirl71's Avatar
    Oh Vegas, poor sweetie. I wish so much that you all didn't have this struggle. Hugs to you all and Vegas is always in our thoughts.