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September 27th 2012

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Just 9 days ago we broke our 3 month streak without any grand or petit mal seizures. Today has not been a good one for Vegas (I'm writing this late and my memory of the event isn't all that clear anymore...after awhile they just blend in)

Fact: Vegas had 2 grand mals and 4 petit mals today.
Fact: Vegas hurt himself getting out of bed and is barely able to walk.

We took Vegas in to the dr to get him checked out. It's either a soft tissue injury or a bulged disc in his neck. The dr and tech tried to perform a neck test on him. By putting their hands around his neck in a choke like manner..they attempted to force his chin up and head back. If the neck was hurt, Vegas would resist. He did. Dr Kate wasn't sure if it was because he was hurting...or he was too focused on the green beans he knew I brought along. We were told to for go the MRI for now. She asked us to perform the test at home to see if the results differed.
We know it's NOT a neck injury.....Vegas did this all by himself.

Note from Dr Kate "Congratulations!!!! It's not his neck."

Since that day...Vegas has been having daily facial seizures.
(Oct 5th)

So, we upped his Zonisamide and I'm happy to report...(it's now Oct 17th) that he is walking absolutely fine AND his facial seizures have lessened considerably.