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Celebrating - no more demodex!

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Herman had his final visit on Friday for demodex mange and he is still negative! The vet was so proud of him and so am I He did it! He lasted over a month on his medication (well of course, nightly treats of peanut butter, pumpkin, cream cheese and apple sauce to feed him his meds), took it stress-free and easy (ppffftt!) and really fought off those little buggers


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh how wonderful :bravo:
  2. bullmama's Avatar
  3. MAICHIA's Avatar
    my bulldog Buster just got rid of his deomodex also and I like you am very happy. He was treated with a series of medicated "dip" baths-four to be exact and it worked great but a bit expensive. I hope he stays demodex free.