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9 beautiful babies for bailey

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Yes 9!!! No wonder my girl was so huuuge!! On Friday May 14 @ 9.30am Bailey produced 9 healthy, beautiful, live pups .. 5 boys & 4 girls. Bailey is being a great mum and the pups are doing real well, today is her first day of being totally coherent to them and she is feeding and doing a great job!! My partner and I are going on a well deserved holiday once it's all over and if for nothing else it will be to sleep!! LOL!!
Tried to post some pics but having trouble doing so will try again later ... it's feeding time so gotta go ;)


  1. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Wow 9!!!!
  2. bullmama's Avatar
    Congratulations Nana tachia!
  3. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Wow 9!!!!