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September18th 2012. 7:30pm

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Well, our streak is over. Vegas went 3 months without having a grand mal seizure..and it ended today.
Just like every episode, this one was different. In the last few months, Vegas has shown possible pre-ictal signs, but with a treat ball or a kong ball, his attention was adverted and no seizures ever happened. This evening, my husband was cooking dinner. Vegas was acting a tad bit more aggressive towards food, so in order to get him out of the kitchen, Mark fed him early. Vegas finished quickly and Orion was still eating. Vegas started trotting around the house, almost like a dog who has to go NOW and can't find the right spot. I opened up the back door, while my husband tried to barricade off the bathroom and laundry rooms. I took his Everlasting fun ball and tossed it out the back door, but Vegas continued to run back and forth from room to room. As I went outside to retrieve the ball, I heard Mark yell, NO! NO! NO! NO! Apparently, Vegas reared up on the fireplace screen and continue right over backwards. By the time I got back inside, Vegas was already upright and Mark was standing over him. He then went into a grand mal seizure. Probably under a minute...very little mouth foaming. After it was over, I held Vegas and cleaned his mouth while Mark ran back to the stove. Usually Vegas tends to be disoriented for a long period of time after a seizure, but not today. He jumped back up and ran into the kitchen. He's never done THIS before, so we were both unprepared. Vegas is long legged, and he reared up and put his front paws on the stove. Luckily, he lacked the height to actually put his paw pads on the burner, but it still was very scary. We shoo'd him out of the kitchen and I kenneled him with a peanut butter filled kong. That kept him focused for about 30 minutes. After that, he crawled up behind me on the couch and we fell asleep.
I think his last seizure was on Monday, June 18th. The day after Father's day. So...3 months to the day. He appears to be fine and suffering no Post ictal symptoms.
I'm pretty impressed. He went thru the drug change, drug over dose, weening off of the KBr AND the introduction to Zonisamide without any seizures. Hopefully now that he no longer has any KBr in his system, Vegas will get his equilibrium back. I hope so...over the weekend he jumped up on my leg and continued over backwards. We were outside on the cement. Luckily, Vegas held his head toward his chest..and as he fell over backwards, his head did not smack the cement.


  1. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    Oh sweet boy Vegas! Hoping this is the last. I will be keeping a close eye today. Hugs to you all
  2. NigelsMom's Avatar
    Still praying for less and less seizures! 3 months is a good start I think. Hugs to O & V!
  3. Vicaroo1000's Avatar
    My heart goes out to you and your husband for the worry you must suffer while trying to make Vegas well. I am grateful you are here to share these things; surely your experience has and will continue to help others. This experience is invaluable and its generous of you to continue to post and make these videos (that I absolutely positively cannot watch. Sorry. I just can't make myself do it.)

    When my Mable was nearing the end of her life (due to the congenital heart failure), she had episodes where she would appear "dizzy and scared" --- that's the best way I can describe it. It was so scary. I remember the agony of trying to "Let Go and Let God" after one of these episodes while being insanely over-protective in hopes of preventing another one. (When the M&M's character commercials came on I would FLY to hit the mute button on the TV; she hated those guys) And Watching it happen and re-living it afterward....well, it feels just like your heart is being pierced with something hot and sharp. Is that heart break? I don't know but I am quite certain you must know what I mean.

    Wishing you and your family the very best for Vegas' continued absence of seizures and ultimately - when the right RX mix is found? -- complete recovery. Hang in there Sweet Sweet Boy.