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What allergies

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When I got home today, Herman's little face was all red and his belly was a little redder than normal - and his interdigital cyst had flared up again Daddy told me he had been playing in the backyard today. I didnt take him in the backyard all weekend and none of these flare ups happened.... so I'm guessing there is something back there that he may be irritated by. I'm so happy that he doesn't itch. I'm starting to give him his Benadryl regularly (twice per day). I find that I'm taking Benadryl daily too! I hope fall/winter weather is better for both of us. He had been scratching his ear - and come to find out he had actually scratched himself and that was bothering him - Vetericyn to the rescue!! So that itchy spot is gone I'm going to try Neem oil on his mange and hopefully that will get cleared up sooner than later. After that he'll be good as new!


  1. loveabully's Avatar
    Have you ever heard of dermapaw? They have a website its for red swollen itchy cyst feet
  2. elearn's Avatar
    thank you, yes I have seen that and forgot about it! thanks so much