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Day 3. 8/7/12 Tuesday 1pm

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Another freak out. About 1pm today he just started making that noise and running around like crazy. Yesterday he grabbed a wood slat of our blinds and snapped it in half. He's never even sniffed them before, so I have no idea why he became obsessed with it.

Today...Orion was in her kennel (serving a time out) when Vegas started making that screaming sound. About 5 minutes after...he was fine. I gave him his green treat ball with green beans and his focus was on that.



  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh poor thing. so seems he a bit shorter than the other one. i hope he calms down soon poor thing. new meds seem to make him crazy
  2. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    Oh my thats sad! I know this has been very hard for you all and I really pray things starighten out soon
  3. ABEBD's Avatar

    Well the video certainly is worth a 1000 words. It looks to me like something is agitating her. Duh, right?
    Too many things that it could be. From a itch bumm, cramp or something else.

    How many times has this happened and is there a common time or event?