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Starting the drug switch. August 5th 8pm feeding.

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We have yet to find out why Vegas is stumbling around. We know for a fact that his KBr level it 4.0. Normal therapeutic range is 1 to 3. June 1 we had his blood drawn and he was 3.2. Since he was fine slightly over, we left him there. Then all the stumbling, falling, banging and bumping happened and suddenly.....6 weeks later he was a 4.

2 things have happened in the 6 weeks since the increased blood levels. 1) we took him off of diazepam and put him on clorazepate. 2) We received a new order of KBr in the mail.

Immediately I called the pharmacy and they overnighted me a new mix of it. I sent most of the other stuff back and they are having it tested.

If the KBr wasn't compounded incorrectly, then another cause could be that the clorazepate is causing the KBr to metabolize differently in his system.

Either way, it's horrible.

Tonight, we took him off the KBr all together. Cold turkey. We started him on zonisamide, which does not cause ataxia and is overall a safer drug. We are doing this under close supervision and under the instruction of his neurologist.

If the pharmacy admits that they compounded it incorrectly, I have a few requests from them. 1)refund the money for the drug. 2) Pay for the KBr test that we had done in mid-July. 3) Pay for the new test that will be done here shortly...and also the kidney test we will have to have done. KBr is processed thru the kidneys so we want to establish that no harm was done. 4)Pay to have his system flushed out. This is not something I care to actually do, but if need be, I want them to pay. 5) I want full xrays done. He has fallen down the stairs, off the couch, down the cement steps. He has hit the wall, glass shelf, every door and wall imaginable. He has slipped in the bath tub, he has falling on the linoleum and he trips on the legs of the table and the door track for the glass slider. He has fallen so many times, I want to make sure there are no fractures. He is in such an ataxic state...he probably wouldn't feel pain if it was there.

Am I missing anything?


  1. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    I am sorry I am late to reading this I hope things settle down soon for Sweet Baby Vegas