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Sophie and Schultz's Test Kitchen...Homecooking 101

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2 week statusreport:
Well is it’sbeen 2 weeks and so far so good…Both dogs clean their bowls and really seem toappreciate each and every offering I have placed before them (some more thanothers…as indicated by the speed of bowl cleaning).
Physically bothdogs are the same weight as when we started…Sophie the weimaraner is 59 lbs(could stand to gain a couple) and Schultz the bulldog is 47.8 lbs (he couldstand to lose 1 or 2). Both have shinysoft coats and bright eyes…lots of energy despite the onslaught of hot, humidweather (they get their walks in the early predawn mornings)…only change to thepoop pattern is that its less volume and less frequent (which seems like abonus, the volume of food they eat is definitely greater and less is comingout… ergo it’s better digested?) Schultzhas been off carrots, sweet potatoes, and blueberries (all of which were in hisTHK and Orijen formulas) for 2 weeks and I think maybe there is lessitchy/scratchy, his skin looks very clear, especially his chin so that’s a goodthing!
I’m stillconfused about supplementing calcium and vitamins-minerals, as there doesn’tseem to be a consensus…but I’m going with a varied diet for balance, addingcalcium in the amount of 500 mg per 15lbs of body weight a day (so Sophie gets2000 mg and Schultz is getting 1500 mg) I’m using a supplement that doesn’t addphosphorous (as the animal protein they get has high levels of phosphorous andthey need calcium to maintain the proper calcium –phosphorous ratio) and amultivitamin formulated for dogs on a home cooked diet made by AnimalEssentials (it doesn’t have super high level of anything)…I will continueadding the digestive enzymes/probiotic , the longevity (which is bee pollen,spirulina, biotin, glucosamine, chondroitan, msm) and garlic tabs that I havealways added to their meals…
The following isan especially easy recipe to make and serve that they both did a dance for:
Tuna Salad
v SolidWhite Albacore Tuna in water – 66.5 oz – 48 oz will be tuna (total calories1440)

v Blackbeans – 4 cups cooked organic w/o salt – (total calories 908)

v 1 ½cup of bulgur wheat – becomes 4 ½ cups cooked – (total calories 840)

v 1 cup chopped parsley

v 1medium sized zucchini shredded

v 4tablespoons olive oil (total calories 480)

v ½cup apple cider vinegar
(mix togethertuna, beans, bulgur and vegetables…toss with dressing olive oil and apple cidervinegar)
Approximately16.5 cups volume, 3668 total calories, each cup @222 cals
v 1% cottage cheese – (each tablespoon 11calories, ½ cup 90 calories)
The cottagecheese is an extra, good calcium and protein but only if dairy isn’t a problem…Sophieis ok with dairy and Schultz not so much…


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh im so glad things are going well for you. :)