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Today was Bath Day, going to start blogging again :)

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Today was bath day, I did 5 bully baths and full grooms.

I can really see a huge improvement in all of them since I stepped up the cleaning regimin. Even Tidus's orange ring around the eyes is gone. I have been home cooking for him too but I can see a huge difference in his overall well being.

The shampoo I think is making a huge difference. The pharmaseb is awesome and it really keeps them smelling fresher for many days. I also got another type of antibacterial antifungal kind but it does have different active ingredients in it. The pharmaseb has something ending in 'zole' so I know it will battle fungus, and it really has made a huge difference in stinky Molly.

Now after the baths we also get all creases, including under the paws. I was finding red yeasty stuff under their paws so I put some malecetic ultra, just a few drops, run my fingers around in their to spread it. Two days later it is GONE. Man I love this stuff, but it DOES have steriod in it so I am careful about not using too much of it. But this stuff is seriously magic. I think it was Gatorray who told us about it and I am so thankful. I use the malecetic otic on a more regular basis. After I dry them really good I find any crack or fold I can find and put the malecetic otic in it. My bullies are looking so fabulous! I am still battling the tear stains Mandy got since I tried the earthborn but other than that she looks awesome. It is so hard when they have white faces! She has always been my maintenence free bully until that food change. I know they will go away but I don't want to use the Malecetic Ultra that close to her eyes.

The combination of these products I have found to be a world of difference. Now they are still shedding but if they look great I don't care! LOL

I am very fortunate that all my dogs (except Mandy) actually like baths. I mean they don't LOVE them, but they don't fight me to get in or anything. Mandy is not bad either I guess as long as you keep that scary water away from her face. Otherwise she is good.

So now that my hands are like prunes I am going to go swimming and make them worse. I should look like a raisin by the end of today.

Samson leaves us tomorrow to live with his sister, and hopefully his new family is going to sign up on EBN. (Samson was returned to us because they could no longer afford to keep him, FYI)
So I am pretty sad because he is the worlds most awesome bulldog, he will be missed by me terribly. But he has a great home and I am so thankful. He deserves the best life and I am sure he will have it.

Toodles ~~~


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw thanks lisa for writing this. i hate bath days and i just have 3 i cant imagine 5. i am still trying to get video of sarah when i say "want a bath" oh does she run.
  2. bullmama's Avatar
    LOL luckily all of mine will come for it. Even tho mandy doesn't like the bath as much she still will get it. She is kinda kooku tho
  3. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    Oh I wish Brutus liked his bath or at least didnt mind. He runs to the top of his kennel and lays down with dead weight so I cant pick him up lol
  4. Vicaroo1000's Avatar
    Five baths and five total grooms.

    Two words: holy crap.