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July 11th 2012. 11:30 pm

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After playing outside for at least an hour, Vegas came inside for dinner and cuddles. Vegas fell asleep on the couch and once I woke him up so we could go upstairs..this is what he did.

Hard to believe that this video was him a few hours earlier.



  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh my cheryl poor thing. i hope hes ok now. i wonder what happened.
  2. Vicaroo1000's Avatar
    @Libra926 @cowsmom

    Was his legs just asleep or ?? I'd be freaking out.
  3. Libra926's Avatar

    We are still trying to figure out what is going on. His KBr is way out of wack (potassium bromide levels) so the pharmacy remixed the medication and overnighted it to me. The problem is, it takes 16 days for the drug to start leaving his system. So, as of right now, he has been on the new mix exactly 7 days. We've skipped doses and lowered his current dose. We are considering IV fluids to flush out his system faster. We may also do another blood test to test his kidney function, since the bromide is passed thru the kidneys. As of this morning, our lives are a mess. I just can't explain the turmoil I'm in. He wants to pace and walk around, but he falls, slips, bumps, stumbles and every thing else. It's like a 11 month old learning to walk. The best thing I can do is 1) put him in his kennel or 2)remove anything and everything out of his way and follow him (which he HATES)

    I've sent him off with his daddy for a afternoon in the truck. The car calms him down and he is seat-belted in, so hopefully we can keep him off his feet and I can get some cleaning done.