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Nigel's mad at me :(

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So I was on vacation from July 4th to July 10th and I spent a lot of time with Nigel and Karly in bed playing and napping. So of course the night when I have to get to bed early I can't sleep and am up with them in my bed till about 4am...OMG my first day back at work was exhausting! Well I get home and try to stay up so I sit in the living room with Nigel and Karly and I'll have you know he came and whined to me and now I know why! He wanted me to go and get in bed with him and Karly lol
I couldn't do it because I was about to fall out so I had to explain to him that they had to go to bed in their kennels because mommy had to go night night for work tomorrow. I told him on the weekend he can lay with me in bed but not when I have to sleep for work. When I leave for work this morning he just laid there in his kennel pouting. He's so mad at me now... I want to sleep with him on the bed but I'm afraid if I really fall into a deep sleep they'll wet my bed so I have to be alert for them. Gonna have to kiss bully butt this weekend for sure to make up with him...I don't want him mad at me. I love that boy so much!