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Birthday & Bullies in Bed

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Just wrapped up another birthday this past 4th of July and it was very nice. I'm enjoying the last couple of days of my time off but do look forward to getting back to work on Wed. I've enjoyed my extra time with my bullies - it takes no time at all to develop a habit - I let them on the bed with me one morning and after some playing they dozed off with me then by the next morning they were ready to leave their kennels and get into bed with mommy again. lol We've done this all weekend and so far no accidents...I love how Nigel will cuddle up next to me and I do fall into a deep sleep. I'm hoping to keep this up cause it's super cozy.

Yesterday I moved their kennels and Nigel was NOT having it. I thought he'd be happy to be closer to my room but he just cried and cried so I had to move them back to their old spot where I'm out of view. He fell right asleep then.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


  1. Saalwi's Avatar
    Glad you had a nice birthday....