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End of week 7

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Wow time is really going fast before we know it puppies will be here and so will the limited sleep :eek: It's been a real busy week getting everything sorted for their arrival. Finally got our NZKC membership conformation .. which took a looong time! So that means we can now finally register our Kennel name .. which we will be known as 'Iron Bulldogs'. My partner Scott completed the whelping box which to me looks like you could home a great dane and her litter in it!!, but once we got the blankets and heating pad in it bailey actually fits quite comfortably and it turned out it wasn't so big after all just looked huuuuge! Bailey will not be having the pups in there as she is booked for a caecerean, its more for their nursery :) I have now finished work so I can be around to dedicate my time to Bailey and keep an eye on her ... She really has had enough I think! She is very restless and finds it hard to get comfortable anywhere but still enjoying her tummy rubs:) We did deworming & defleaing on all of them yesterday. I have noticed she has become very phlemmy and was coughing up alot .. going to give vet a call. It's all getting very exciting we are heading into the last couple of weeks now sooo getting in as much sleep as we can ;)

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  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Get a good thermometer ready and start checking temp every four hours for the last 10 days
  2. tachia's Avatar
    Yip all prepared bought thermometer, bottles, syringes and scales today. Bailey saw the vet today as she wasn't holding down any of her meals and hasn't been urinating over the last 24hrs but has been keeping fluids down so he has given her an antiemetic injection to stop her vomiting and has put her on diurin tabs we are also to break her meal sizes again to give her smaller frequent meals of 8 over the next 24 hrs. She has in the last week really increased in size even the vet was suprised when he saw her and believes this could be the reason to why she is having these probs .... she is going to be monitored very closely right up until pups are born ... my poor girl
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    She may have a big litter or water puppies, yes try to give her small meals and maybe a bit of cottage cheese to entice her to eat it? Make sure she has a real good puppy food right now so she gets plenty of nutrition.