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Sophie and Schultz's Test Kitchen...Homecooking 101

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Well its been 1/2 a week and the dogs are enjoying the royal treatment... have to say they digest these meals better than the honest kitchen & orijen (way less poop to pick up...bonus for me)...too soon to tell if anything else is improving...I'm building a notebook to have these formulas at the ready (and while that takes time...once its done I should only have to cook 2 times a week and most of the work is processing the food I need to process for meals for myself and family)

Here's whats on the menu for the next 3 days:
Turkey, Quinoa, and Red Cabbage
Part 1
3.5 cups of quinoa (becomes 11 cups cooked) 2442calories, 89.1 grams of protein
1 cup of mungbeans (becomes 3 cups cooked) 636 calories, 42.6 grams of protein
4 cups of redcabbage 110.4 calories, 5.2 grams of protein
2 ½ cups of kale62.5 calories, 5 grams of protein
Total calories3250.9, calories per cup 158.5 &6.92 grams of protein
Soak mung beansin water overnight, drain and rinse, simmer in clean water 1 hour until soft
Simmer quinoa in7 cups of water for ½ an hour till liquid is absorbed
Lighty steam thecabbage and kale and use food processor to make into bits
Combine all ofthese ingredients in a large enough container ( as this will make 20.5 cups )
Part 2
3 lbs of groundturkey – no hormones or antibiotics – humanely handled – will keep in separatecontainer and add to meals in the raw
1 oz = 41.7calories and 4.9 grams of protein
Cod liver oil –no added flavor – teaspoon = 60 calories
2 ½ cups quinoamixture
5 oz ofturkey
½ teaspoon codliver oil
1 teaspoonhealthy powder
1/8 teaspoonbone meal
¼ teaspoondigestive enzyme
2x day
1 ½ cups ofquinoa mixture
4 oz of turkey
½ teaspoon ofcod liver oil
>1 teaspoon healthypowder
1/8 teaspoonbone meal powder
¼ teaspoondigestive enzymes/probiotics
Calories 434.5
2x day
Enough for 2 ½days of meals for both dogs