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Sophie and Schultz's Test Kitchen....Homecooking 101

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If I can trustthe calorie counts on the commercial food that both dogs have been eating, I’vecalculated the calories that seem to keep the dogs at their healthy weight.
Sophie (8 yearold weimaraner, very active) optimal weight 62-65 lbs – averages around 1300calories/day
Schultz (6 yearold English bulldog, medium activity) optimal weight 45-48 lbs – averagesaround 900 calories/day
On the menu everyday:
Water – Fresh/filtered
Proteins – vary meals to include 2 or more proteinsources
Eggs have wholecompliment of amino acids – building blocks of tissues – include several timesa week
Dietary proteincomes from muscles and organ meats, fish, eggs and dairy, corn, soy, legumes and grains
Important to think quality and digestibility – diet with eggs (which are easily digested)would need less volume as opposed to grain or soy
Too much protein is rarely a problem (unless there is a health consideration, like kidney disease) another fyi….rare side effect of too much protein is the developmentof fear-related aggression
Carbohydrates – whole grains can provide iron,minerals, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients. A note on fiber: with their short digestivetracks a small amount of fiber is healthy for all dogs whole grains and pumpkinare best sources…aid in helping keep anal sacs clear
Vegetables and Fruits – offer important phytonutrients, fiberand minerals
Fats – without fats dogs cannot absorb the fat soluble vitaminsA,E, D and K
Supplements – will have to include vitamins, calcium,essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 and certain antioxidants – but will keepspecific track with weekly meal plans

First Recipe:
Recipe for Healthy Powder:
2 cupsnutritional yeast
1 cup lecithin granules
¼ cup kelppowder
4 tablespoonsbone meal powder (Kal, Inc. Bone Meal)
¼ teaspoonsodium ascorbate (vitamin C)
Mix allingredients in 1 quart container and refridgerate
According to Dr.Pitcairn this rich mixture of nutrients is used to make sure there is adequatevitamin and mineral content in homemade recipes. Nutritional yeast is rich in Bvitamins, iron, and other nutrients; lecithin for linoleic acid, choline, andinositol, which help your animal to emulsify and absorb fats, improving thecondition of its coat and digestion; powdered kelp for iodine and tracemineral; enough calcium to balance the high phosphorous levels in the yeast andlecithin; and vitamin c.

Hamburger hold the Bun
Part 1
3 cups bulgur wheat (becomes 9 cups cooked)calories 1359 grams of protein 50.49
1 cup black eyepeas (becomes 4 cups cooked) calories 800 grams of protein 52
3 cups ofbroccoli calories around 75
1 cup of peascalories 230 grams of protein 16
Total calories2464, per cup 154 calories
Soak the blackeye peas overnight in water, drain and rinse, simmer for an 1 -1 ½ hours tillsuper tender.
Simmer bulger in6 cups of water for 15 minutes then turn off and let stand for 10 minutes andfluff with fork.
Lightly steamand the send the vegetables around the food processor till they are nice littlebits.
Combine all ofthese ingredients in a large enough Tupperware container (approximately 16 cups)as it will last for several meals.
Part 2
3 lbs of groundmeat 80%/20% - no hormones or antibiotics – will keep in separate container andadd to meals in the raw
3 oz = 231calories and 23 grams of protein
Flax oil –filtered and organic – tablespoon = 120 calories
4 oz of beef
1 3/4 cups grainmix
½ tablespoon of flax oil
1 teaspoonhealthy powder
½ teaspoonACV
Calories 637.5
2x day

3 oz of beef
1 cup of grain mix
½ tablespoon of flax oil
>1 teaspoonof healthy powder
½ teaspoon ofACV
Garlic tabs/longevity
Calories 445
2x day

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