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June 8th Friday 2012

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I forgot to blog this episode..we weren't really sure how to categorize it. We decided to try Vegas on a different seizure med called Zonisamide. It's supposed to be safer that all the others that he's on. Vegas is suffering from ataxia...and the doctor is very concerned. So, Thursday we stopped his diazepam and on Friday night we started his Zonisamide. The plan was to build up the Zonisamide..and 10 days later stop his potassium bromide. Saturday, Vegas had facial seizures all day long.

Then, Saturday night he was laying behind me on the couch when he started the facial seizures again. I thought he was getting pissed....he was growling and biting at his back feet. In fact..he was so obsessed with his feet, he did a flip forward before I could get the video turned on him. In this video..he goes from one back foot, the the next back foot, then to the front. Almost as if something like tape was stuck to it. This video is hard to see, because it was dark in the room. Also, please forgive me for yelling at Orion. I'm scared, she's scared...and I'm almost in tears watching my baby boy freak out.

We try to get ahold of him, but he is not really in his right mind. Finally "it" passes and we are able to gather him into our arms and calm him down.

We freaked out and took him to the ER the next morning with videos in hand. Turns out that this was not caused by his medication. He hadn't been on it long enough to build up any levels in his body. This was, in fact..a type of petit mal seizure. We've never seen him have this type of seizure before. I don't ever care to see him have this type again. He could have easily hurt him self if this happened at the top of the stairs or while he was on top of his kennel. Vegas (in video 1) fell of the couch in his attempt to attack his feet.

So, we've decided to wait on the new med until I can take a week or so off and be with him 24/7. I don't know if it was a coincidence that this seizure happened the same weekend as the attempted med switch or not. His Dr here and his neurologist in Seattle are conferring on whether they think it would be a good idea to put Vegas through a MRI/spinal tap. We passed on this in 2008 when he was first diagnosed. We are still waiting to hear back from his dr.

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  1. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    They have asked us about MRI/Spinal Tap and I passed also...The advice I have is from you so I have none to give but your a great mamma to both Vegas and Orion. I am watching him sleep right now! Peaceful Again hoping this is the last
  2. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh my poor vegas and poor you. i so hope things get better that must be so scary. maybe the new meds can help when you can be home with him. :hug:
  3. LynnA's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear about Vegas's troubles. I hope for him and your family the new medications help. I can not imagine how scary that must be for you all.

    Prayers that the new meds help.
  4. Biogirl71's Avatar
    Poor thing (you and Vegas both). *hugs*