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June 18th 2012 4:45am

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Mark and I went camping this Father's Day weekend. Working weekend up in Curlew Washington. Our friends have a 20 acre parcel of land that they just have purchased. It's beautiful..over looking the tiny town of Curlew. We did not take Vegas and Orion because our friends have a dog that was going. So, Vegas and Orion's grandma came and stayed with them. She claims everything went well. Orion turned 3 yesterday..on Father's day. Grandma said Vegas had a good day. She came over Saturday morning and fed them and medicated Vegas at 8am. Right on time. Saturday night was the same. Fed and medicated right at 8pm. Carol had to work Sunday morning, so she fed them and medicated Vegas at 5:45. We didn't get home until 8:30pm on Sunday night. Whether the almost 3 hour gap was the trigger, or the stress and excitement of our return...i'm not sure. Vegas was having a hard time settling down last night. He was pacing around.

Vegas woke us up at 4:45 this morning having a grand mal seizure. Usually, he will get up and almost frantically pace. He barely lifted his head. He seized for about a minute...I couldn't get him into an upright position, so he was seizing on his side. After he was done, I went to get a cloth to wash his face. Vegas never moved. He woke long enough to bury his nose into my side, then he fell asleep. He remained that way until 6am. He got up with his dad and followed him around until he left for work. I didn't have to work today, so Vegas slept curled up next to me all day.

This is the first time this has happened. Where he didn't suffer any pre or postictal symptoms. Later this evening, he did get up from a sound sleep and started frantically pacing around the house. I believe this was a small seizure...or what I refer to as an after shock. Pacing and running into things. I distracted him with some green beans...and all has been well since. It's now almost 10pm and I'm putting him to bed AGAIN. He wants to go to bed, but keeps getting off the bed and coming down the stairs. Then I have to follow him back up the stairs, lift him back up on the bed...only to have him repeat the process.

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  1. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    Oh Vegas you sweet thing! During the day I notice he is restless and cant get comfy at times. I'll continue to pray this is the last. Thanks for all your blogs and support. This is great info for anyone going through something similiar. Vegas is a role model that nothing can stop a bullie from living a great happy life.
  2. Biogirl71's Avatar
    Hugs to you and Vegas. Hang in there