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Welcome to our blog...Hope you like!

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So I decided to start utilizing the blog feature here and I hope you'll enjoy our stories and keep returning for updates .
So Friday - I had one important thing on my to do list - Replace Nigel's Hamburger Toy! This is 'burger' #3 already and I'll have you know I bought two and put the spare one away until it's needed. He was so sad without it and we weren't able to replace it for about a couple of weeks so I must have a backup ready for my baby. I was able to get Karly a Galileo chew bone. She doesn't do well with plush toys so I need sturdy chew bones for her. They both loved it! You should have seen the smile on his face he was so happy and wasted no time getting to his suckling. He went into 'Do Not Disturb' mode.
Saturday: I got them a kiddie pool and Karly will get in it if it's dry lol Nigel says no way not even dry! Tried it with water and they weren't into it so I guess we'll just keep
Sunday: We just vegged out and watched movies, did some laundry to get ready for the work week.

That's how we spent our weekend...cuddled up in bed with new toys and always near mommy.



  1. LynnA's Avatar
    Awww, he loves his burger toy - that's so cute. I should pick one up for Otis.
    Thanks for the blog, always nice to hear great stories.
    I'm sure they will like the pool soon, if not it could be a toy
  2. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    I'm sure they'll get used to the pool soon...Lucy wouldn't go in hers at first either. But curiosity won over when I floated a ball in it spinning around :)