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End of week 6

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Bailey is doing really well her tummy is getting real big and she is just loooving her tummy rubs :) Have noticed a huge increase in size of her nipples and have got the nipple cracking under control with an ointment from the vets. We are building her whelping box today and also a ramp so she can get up onto to the bed ... this has now become an issue for the poor girl so we thought we would make it easier for her ... she has always been a cuddly girl but since being pregnant she is more so ... so not being able to get on the bed would just devastate her i think!! lol... It is getting into the cooler months here in NZ which I think has made it more comfy for her which is great because she is quite a small girl and with the size of her tummy and still 3 weeks to go I think shes going to get quite a bit larger so cooler temps make it more easier for her to cope :) Last ultrasound we saw a definate 4 puppies but of course others could be hiding and by the size of her the vet said to expect a possible 6 .. It does not worry me at all how many she has as long as they are all live and healthy pups and my girl is all OK .. we have decided to keep a female pup from the litter so that will bring our bullie family up to 3 :eek:

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  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Do you have a mentor/breeder to talk to for advice?
  2. tachia's Avatar
    [QUOTE=desertskybulldogs;bt80]Do you have a mentor/breeder to talk to for advice?[/QUOTE]

    Yeah we have been very fortunate to be able to seek advice from a very reputable breeder who is in our home town and they are actually the breeders of our boy (Kahn). We originally fostered Kahn for 18 months when he couldn't be cared for by his original owners and it was then we fell in love with the breed and when we had to give him back it broke my heart so we decided to seek out our own EB and through that we got our Bailey. The breeders have been great in answering all our questions and giving us advice .. and over the 3 years we have been doing a great deal of research before we even thought about breeding her. Kahn is now back with us permanently which the breeders are really happy about because they know his life is much better and they get to see his babies and talk us through it all the way We call them the surrogate grandparents .. lol!!
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    That is wonderful news, it is so important to have someone to ask questions to!! Are you planning on doing your own shots and deworming?
  4. tachia's Avatar
    [QUOTE=desertskybulldogs;bt82]That is wonderful news, it is so important to have someone to ask questions to!! Are you planning on doing your own shots and deworming?[/QUOTE]

    Deworming we will be but as for their vaccination shots they will be going back to the vets for that ... It is not a common thing in NZ for breeders to give their own shots even though it is not heard of within the top breeding circle, one day we will be a part of that .. I have noticed that in the US it seems to be very common to give your own shots which I do think is great .. and I have wondered if that is a cost thing or one of convenience? Being our first litter too I would rather have everything done through the vets this way it all adds to our knowledege of breeding .. we have a fanatastic vet