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May 4th, 2012 6:30am

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The last few times Vegas has had a seizure, it seems as if it's been closer to 7am than 3am. This morning was no different. I posted on Facebook last night that Vegas was pacing and wouldn't stop. My husband was hoping that he would settle down once I got home from work, but he paced on. From 5 to 10 he walked and walked and walked. He went up and down the stairs, in and out of the yard...completely exhausting for me. Finally he allowed me to lift him into bed...and that is where he stayed. At 6:30 this morning he woke up "wild eyed" a state of what would appear to be panic. This is typical for him 'pre-seizure'. I had enough time to grab him and set him on the floor before the grand mal seizure hit. After it was over, he laid on the floor for about 10 minutes. Finally he got up and started to walk around. He was still in a state of confusion...this is apparent by the places he was walking to. Corners he never bothers with...etc. I head for the stairs and he follows me. I go down a few and turn around to help him. He gets one paw down and collapses, so I pick him up and carry him down the rest of them. Downstairs he starts to walk around. This is harder for him with the linoleum flooring. I was testing my blood sugar and he was standing at my feet looking up at me. All four of his legs give out on him and he is now belly on floor, still looking up at me. I'm not sure if any of this is registering with him or not. Orion is now up and taking interest in his strange behavior. Vegas wanted outside, but I don't want him wandering the yard unattended, so I grab O's pink collar and the leash and walk out with him. He does his business and now he is on top of his kennel...and Orion is standing over him. No doubt, she is pissed that her brother is still sporting her pink collar. Hopefully he will get some rest this morning and be back to his normal self by lunch time.


  1. Biogirl71's Avatar
    Poor Vegas. I hope that he has a quick recovery and is back to his normal antics soon.
  2. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar sweet boy. I'm always saddened to hear this. I'm not sure why, it's part of him. But I suppose the optimist in me always hopes the last seizure was REALLY the last one. Sigh...giant hugs from me to Vegas and his Mommy too. :hug:
  3. NigelsMom's Avatar
    aww I'm sorry to hear this...sending prayers and hugs to you too!
  4. Watson's Avatar
    poor Vegas.
  5. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Ahhh God love his little heart!
  6. cowsmom's Avatar
    Aw I'm sorry to hear this hon. I like Becky always hope the last one is the last one. my poor Vegas and his mommie. bless you for taking such good care of him.
  7. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    Oh I am so sorry to hear this! I know you are a great momma to him and you take very good care of him! continue to pray: this is the last! to Vegas to you and of course a to Orion.