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Gunny and me


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Today was an interesting adventure with Sarge, after we played the chicken game with the poor chickens we went to petsmart. Sarge enjoyed walking up and down the isles looking and grabbing things off their hangers and me saying NO you have one just like it at home but it didn't matter what I said , he wanted it anyway. He had fun sniffing other dogs and looking at the fish with amazment. We didn"t stay to long after he peed on two bags of dog food and took a lil kids bankie from her stroller we decided he had seen enough, the lil kid liked him but wouldnt give up the Bankie so I"ll have to get him one just like him. Wish I had a dollar for everyone who took a picture of him! Ya know he must have a hang up on Bankies cuz he takes mine at nite hummm better get him one. Hes a supper boy and we all enjoy him, I"m glad he owens us , wouldn"t have it any other way.


  1. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    I see you two are becoming firm friends and a very mischieveous pair :rofl:
  2. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw we just went to petco also. they have such a good time and seems like sarge is no different. its hard not to get them everything they want. nice to see you and him are settling in.
  3. Davidh's Avatar
    Sounds like he had a great time, like a kid in a candy store.
  4. 2BullyMama's Avatar
    Seems like it was a true fate match up.... Gunny sure is smiling on the two of you and happy you have a new buddy to help pass the day