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*****important community notice*******

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We will be switching English bulldog news to a virtual server sometime this month. Right now, the site has become slower and slower as the days go by due to massive amounts of information and many guests hitting the site. You may notice sometimes you will get a "500 Internal Server" error when on our site.

This new server will provide us with faster speeds and hopefully bring plenty of new members.

I will post a notice when we do the actual migration, it will take a couple of days for this to go through.

This new server will cost 10 times more per month than the old server, but I think we will all have a much better experience here with it!

I am really excited about this, because I know there are several times a day that the load is just too much, and it gets annoying to wait for the forum pages to load. Grrrrr..... the bulldog gets mad about this!

Please visit our sponsors, this will help a lot in paying for the transition.


Updated 05-15-2010 at 10:06 AM by Bulldogg



  1. Bulldogg's Avatar
    I think I may have found the problem. Can anyone go to the "community news" page and tell me if it loads fast or slow still? Thx!