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Gunny and me

a new road

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It"s time to start giving Sarge the love I gave Gunny. Sarge is a good boy and we are getting to know each other really well, he is still squeamis about things and is still afraid of things hes never seen and the different noises. We brought him home he was quiet and didnt make a sound, but now hes has opened up a little and barks at everything.I think he trusts me and loves the family but still a little apprehensive which is normal knowing his background. He loves to eat and is starting to play with foster and his toys.Its going to take awhile for him to get adjusted but it will for me too! Hes not a sit around guy like gunny was he likes to be active and is into everything so I guess I gotta throw out the rocking chair and pick up the frisbee and pretend to be young and full of energy again. At first I tried to compare him to Gunny all the time but I have to stop and accept Sarge for who he is a beautiful Bully that needs me like Gunny did.This is a new beginning for both of us another road to follow and Im gamed cuz I know he is. Hes sleeping here next to my chair like Gunny would do, makes me feel good knowing that we have the chance to be buddies like Gunny and I were. I know in my heart that when its all said and done we will be inseperatable . I love you sarge!!!


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    aww im glad you are starting to come around to sarge. its a hard thing but one that we must go through. i have had pets before pass and its strange but new ones will take on some of the actions of the lost one. like they are still here somewhat. im glad to hear that sarge is making you a young man again. thats a good thing. aww this is awsome gunnyboy. :D
  2. Davidh's Avatar
    It's good to hear Sarge is opening up some and getting used to his new home. He is still full of pup, and that's good, he will keep you going. Glad to hear he and Foster are getting along too. It does me good to see he has a loving home. I just love reading your blogs about you and Sarge.
  3. NigelsMom's Avatar
    2 peas in a pod! Happy Together!