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Gunny and me

To My Gunnyboy

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For all the times you made me laugh when I didnt think I could, For all the hours you never left my side when I was really sick in bed, for being my best friend and always loving me no matter what. You were one special angel that I will never forget and miss so much that it hurts everyday. I sit on the porch and look for you sitting by my chair just two old men passing the day together never having to say a word, but your not there and it brings tears to my eyes knowing we are not together anymore. I miss singing you to sleep at nite, watching you sleep so happy and content. I wish I could have one more hour with you telling you once again and how much you mean to me . To hug you and look into those beautiful eyes sand say good by. I"ll never forget you Gunny and always know that someday somewhere we will be together again sitting on the porch watching the day pass. I know your waiting for me , be patient and know I"ll be there to hold you again and spend the end of time with you. I love you buddy.


  1. GRACIE11's Avatar
    What a nice heart felt blog written in memory of sweet Gunny....we all miss him so much. Their is only one Gunny :yes: And I'm so glad you opened your hearts and home up to Sarge :luv:
  2. Cooper11's Avatar
    :cry: O Man Tom!!!!! You made me cry again!!!! Happy Tears :) Lets think Happy thoughts! Gunny was and still is so lucky that he had you and your family as his own! There would not have been better or fitting family for him!!! Gunny is still here with you and every night when you go to bed and every day when you wake up you look at Gunny next to you and you look at Sarge and know that there is a piece of Gunny always with you! Whether it is just his spirit or his reincarnation of the wild and Crazy new guy!!! aka Sarge. Gunny is keeping you on your toes now and he loves it that Sarge is running the show and he gets to look down and laugh to see his Daddy busy keeping Sarge out of trouble whether its chewing on your chair or trying to hump Foster :blink: Sarge is meant for you family.....he was brought to you by Gunny and was brought to you so you could smile and laugh again!!! We know you will never forget Gunny and he will always have a big piece of your heart and he will always have a big piece of all of our hearts here on EBN. You both touched so many and I personally know i will never for get you, your family or Gunny boy!!!!! RIP Gunny xoxoxoxo You are truly missed Big Guy!!!!! ......:fart: Oops! Sorry that was from Gunny! hehe
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  3. Cooper11's Avatar
    Big :hug: to you, Connie and the boys!!!
  4. Lucy-licious's Avatar
  5. gobronco's Avatar

    Gunny is playing with Mimi
  6. Cooper11's Avatar
    Gunny is playing with Mimi :)[/QUOTE]

    :) :yes:
  7. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw what a nice tribute to a wonderful dog. rip gunny till we see you again. :)
  8. NigelsMom's Avatar
    sweet & loving words for a lovable boy...he will always be in our hearts and on our minds. R.I.P. Gunny
  9. 2BullyMama's Avatar
    What an awesome tribute to an awesome bully! I hope Gunny and Nitschke are playing together or just sitting helping each other pass the day