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Gunny and me


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Today Sarge got out of bed alone while we were sleeping and didnt go potty in the house till we got up to let him out.4 days and he is pretty much potty trained. The chickens are always waiting to get fed in the morning, they are free range but have a nice coop for nite, I hate cages for animals. well first thing out the door its after the chickens and then go potty. Then he loves the frisbee he wears me out with that thing . then back in the house and sits and begs for toast , I give him a little tast and WOW there is something that really has tast in the world other than Fromms. Then follows me like a shadow , hes not a play alone bully. Ha has chewed up the wood on my computer chair but I need a new one anyway. Shhhhh hes napping now next to me , I hope its for awhile. Lets see what the rest of the day brings everyday is something different with him. I"m just happy the he is loving his new life and we are becoming good friends. I"m glad he let me in his life and that he choose me.


  1. Watson's Avatar
    sounds like Sarge found his dream home and family.
  2. Davidh's Avatar
    So happy for you and Sarge.
  3. Fontanafox's Avatar
  4. Cooper11's Avatar
    <3 :) I am surprised in these 2 blogs nothing was mentioned about his bad habit hint hint!!! get it on video!!!!!!!!!!!!!