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Gunny and me


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Sarge is making this old man young again, Gunny was happy just laying around and taking life in slow motion, but Sarge!! always wants to be doing something hes even wearing the kids out. He loves to play frisbee and chase the chickens, he played in the pasture for an hour and hes still going. After two days hes just about housebroken, he eats like a horse and loves FrommsHe came in and we both took a nice long nap but hes up again raising havoc. This is going to be an experience for him raising me. I love him very much and I am so happy to have him. Hope bedtime comes soon so we can call it a day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Oh he chewed the wood off my computer chair today also, Thats ok I didnt like it there anyways.


  1. Biogirl71's Avatar
    Awwww, I love reading about your adventures with such wonderful bullies. First Gunny and now Sarge <3. And I think we need some pictures of chicken chasing!
  2. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    Sounds like you have yourself a live wire there Tom <3
  3. gunnyboy's Avatar
    OMG its like having a 2 yo Its hard keeping up with this guy, Gunny was so layed back and went along with the program this guy has his own program and wants me to follow it.
  4. Davidh's Avatar
    I just love reading your adventures with Sarge, sounds like he is full of pup. I can tell he is loving it there, and he can finally be the pup he was meant to be.
  5. Cooper11's Avatar
    :) He was just helping you out!! He knew you hated that wood on there! :yes: Imagine I have Cooper and a 2 year old little boy!!!!! :shout: some days I just want to rip my hair out! :hissy:
  6. JeannieCO's Avatar
    Nothing better than a youngin to make you feel young again.....
  7. bullmama's Avatar
    Love reading your blogs!