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Gunny and me

Fur ever home

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Sarge is feeling right at home and like Gunny hes a hanger, cant turn around without him right behind me. Another trait of Gunnys he has is sleeping well past noon. He loves sleeping in bed and taking all the blankets. The world is so big to him and he wants to explore everything. He is not afraid of anything, I started the lawn tractor and it didnt fase him a bit. I will soon teach him to ride in the wagon behind the tractor so he can cut the grass with me like Gunny did. He has no restrictions the house is his and he knows it, going from room to room.Him and the poodle we have foster get along good, at first we were afraid that he would be too ruff with him but Foster puts him in his place when he needs to.He has so much energy that its hard to keep up with him and he loves chasing the chickens, I'm sure that I"ll drop a few unneeded pounds along the way. the Boys have him at the park today and hes having the time of his life. I am so glad he is in our lives to see him all sprawled out on the bed in the morning with no worry's or bad days. Gunny would have loved him like we do. He loves everybody and shares his time with all of us. He certainly will be loved everyday for the rest of his life. He is carrying on where my dear Gunny left off, now gunny can rest and know my heart will always be his and will never be forgotten.


  1. Cooper11's Avatar
    :) <3 so glad he already feels at home!!
  2. Davidh's Avatar
    Sounds like he is feeling right at home and coming out of his shell. So happy for him, and it does my heart good to see him so happy.
  3. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    You 2 were meant to be...I look forward to hearing about his first ride in the Waggon xx
  4. bullmama's Avatar
    Tears in my eyes.....