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Decided to give this a go!

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Hello Everyone!

After being a member here for some time I thought it would be nice if I started adding entries to this blog. Currently, I am the proud owner of a male English Bulldog named Dozer. He was born on November 23, 2011 and we aquired him from a pet store ( I know ) on February 15, 2012.

In the short amount of time that he's been in my care we have gone through a lot. A couple of days after getting Dozer he became very ill with pnemonia. He was in and out of the hospital and vets office practically every day. He was sick for almost a full three weeks. During that time, he was on IV drips because he would throw up his food and water constantly. Nothing was working, and I remember crying my eyes out nightly. The good folks on EBN helped me get through it and eventually Dozer beat it!!

Shortly thereafter, Dozer was diaganosed with Giardia and was being treated with 25mg of Flagyl twice a day. He finished these tablets last week and we will be getting him tested again for the Giardia sometime next month; as per our vets advice. After that, Dozer developed a very bad case of cherry eye. He woke up one night and his eye was bleeding terribly. I filled up a whole papertowel with just the blood from his eye! I took him to the emergency room and he was prescribed a dose of artifcal tears and an elizabethan collar. He was on both for a week and just this past Friday (4/6), Dozer was operated on to have the gland removed. Unfortunatly, my Vet cant do the procedure to stitch it back in, and his colleague who is able to, wouldnt be able to do it for atleast another month. This meant Dozer would be wearing that elizabethan collar for the entire time. I was hesitant to have it removed, but was left with little choice. We will be going back for a follow up this upcoming Saturday (4/14).

While he was having the aforementioned procedure done, the vet said that he discovered a hernia on Dozer's belly button. He said it wasnt anything to worry about and that he will remove it once we get him neutered sometime in August/September.

It has been a really long month and a half. I have no regrets though, I have wanted a dog my whole life and am very happy and blessed that Dozer came into my life. He is a very smart little boy and knows a full assortment of commands and tricks including; sit, stay, come, down, off, no, and even crawl. I enjoy spending my time with him and cant imagine not ever owning a dog after this!

Dozer currently weighs 28 pounds and will be starting a new diet on Earthborne Meadow Feast. He was originally on Natural Balance L.I.D Sweet Potatoes and Venision, but I read very bad things about that company and I think he is allergic to potatoes because his face smells yeasty lately. As for treats I have been using Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit & Ginger treats (I'll be switching off of these soon since I recently discovered N.V gets their rabbit from China). I'll keep my fingers crossed in the mean time, and will update on his status in the coming days.

In any event, it feels good being able to communicate with everyone on here, and it makes me feel better knowing that a lot of these problems that Dozer's been having arent new to the bully world. It gives me great strength and temperence knowing I have the knowledge of this community behind me.

In closing, I want to thank everyone for their continued support and concerns. I know with EBN behind me, Dozer and I will never be alone!

Thank you for your time.

Respectfully Yours,

John & Dozer

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  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    aww what a sweet blog and such sweet pictures. i will look forward to new ones soon. welcome john and dozer to bullyworld and ebn. :D
  2. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Nice blog, Glad he is feeling better and doing well, he is lucky he has you.
  3. NigelsMom's Avatar
    Wishing a healthy future ahead for you and Dozer. What a cutie! looking forward to watching him grow here via pics and how about some vids too! hehheh
  4. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    So much turmoil in such a short life. You are an amazing Daddy and he is very lucky you found him when you did :hug:
  5. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    Oh and those stripey pyjamas <3<3<3<3
  6. GRACIE11's Avatar
    Yes, you are an amazing daddy :yes: He is a cutie pie:luv: