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Gunny and me

The trip to get Sarge

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Well he came into our lives fast and full of furry! The ride home was nothing less than chaotic, Going over those Blue Ridge Mts. NEVER again!! a Little Bulldog that was clueless to everyone and everything around him, he wouldnt sleep was restless and like taking a little kid into a candy store, he was into everything in that van I think even the glove box what a long 14 hrs and back one we will never forget. He didnt know us and we surely didnt know him but by the time we got back we were all married into this wonderful union. He only pooped in the van on Connies pillow that see loves and takes with her on trips , she dosent like hotel pillows, he also peed on it along with a blanket and leash and that was only 20 mins into the trip. He finally settled just before we got home falling asleep on the back seat, . He learned to give a kiss on the way home and likes it all 1000 times. Got home around midnight and I was worried how he would do sleep in bed seeing he was always in a crate. Took him out to do his business and in to see how he would do in bed, we were praying it would go good cuz we were so tired and needed some sleep. At first he didnt want any part of it but when I turned the big screen tv on he was something more than doumbfounded, he sat there and watched Law and Order like he was a fan of the show not taking his eyes off it for a second!The real test was what happened when the room went dark? He would go back from me to Connie wanting to be loved, which he got! I sang the Gunny song and within mins he was sleeping like a baby. He slep thru the nite like a little Angel. In the morning he was ready to go pee, no accidents! that was about 8:00 am came back in and hoped he would come back to bed for a little while longer we were beat. Got up on the bed and went to sleep for another 2 hrs. We got up he went and did his business and back in for breakfast boy did he love that. He loves playing with Foster and they get along fine. He is a great little boy and we will spoil him like Gunnyboy. We took Gunny with us so he could be part of it. now lets see what the day brings we will keep you all informed. This took a joint effort of a lot of people and we are indebted to all of you.


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    How sweet this is! I don't watch Law & Order but the few times it was on I was just like Sarge.... totally engrossed! Sounds like it all is going so well so far, very happy to hear it! Poor Connie, does she have to buy a new pillow or can it be cleaned? I love the 1000 kisses, sounds like he is already fitting right in <3
  2. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    Sounds like Sarge is gonna be quite a character. THANKYOU Tom for giving him the opportunity to love :)
  3. wheezer's Avatar
    Tom and Connie, sounds like the three of you had an eventful day! Thank you both for giving Sarge the forever home he deserves. I am sure Sarge will return more love than you can ever give to him. I know you miss Gunny boy, but now you can begin to heal while you and Sarge get to know and love each other. Gunny is smiling on you and Connie from heaven!
  4. Libra926's Avatar
    I've often said that I believe Vegas was given to me for a reason. I believe the same for both Gunny and Sarge. The world works in mysterious ways...although we don't know what is yet to come, I believe this was meant to be. Please keep this going. Although the loss of a pet is one of the most painful experiences one can go thru....the love never goes away. I believe this was known and enter Sarge. A little boy who needs to be loved and a man who has a lot of love to give. And an Angel bulldog sitting back watching it all...with a smile.
  5. cali~jenn's Avatar
    I LOVED reading this. Happy tears. :) Cant wait to see how your day goes today.
  6. Cooper11's Avatar
    :) I am so happy for you guys I am going to copy and paste Connie's version of this ride home lol.....

    [LEFT][COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]we just left the place where we got him wasnt down the rode two miles ....well you know my pillow Gunny would always take from me...I mean this pillow has been with me since Tom and I got married.....(My Fav of all times pillow) well Sarge decides he has pee and poop...well guess what he choose to pee and poop on ??? Yep my FAV Piillow....ok so now Tom is in the back of the van with Sarge and when something goes wrong all I hear is Connie... Connie..CONNIE !!!! So of course Tom doesnt drive so Im driving and hearing Connie...Connie....CONNNNIEEE and Im like yea honey cus I call him honey....he said Sarge just peed and sh** back here....Im like really....really...ok so of course my van didnt come equiped with paper towels or I look around and scope out the problem and Sure to beat sh** he did sh** on MY PILLOW !!!

    [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]Ok so then we look to see if this gas station was open but of course our luck NOPE!!! So I look and try to find and guess what I found ??? Yep my middles sons shirt.....a girl has to do what a girl has to I clean up the pee and poop ...Then Sarge decides to ride in the van in the Same exact place Gunny would ride....Then Sarge got ahold of Toms water bottle and you dont you know it I think Gunny was reborne

    [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]Sarge snorts and sounds so different from Gunny but in some things they are sooooo alike

    She said she will tell me the rest of story today!!! This just made me laugh and made my heart melt!!! @[U][URL=""]desertskybulldogs[/URL][/U] @[U][URL=""]Libra926[/URL][/U] @[U][URL=""]wheezer[/URL][/U] @Lucy - licious![/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
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  7. wheezer's Avatar
    That is too funny! I just got a visual!!! Connie is much more detailed than Tom! You guys are great!! I can only imagine what story we will hear next!!!
  8. Libra926's Avatar
    I just have to say that Sarge was looking out for Connie. I had my pillow from childhood and it was brought to my attention the pillows aren't meant to last a lifetime. Dust mites? Anyways...according to the article I read..all pillows can be washed (and should be atleast once a month) except foam.
    He was just letting Connie know that the pillow needed some attention.

    What did happen to the pillow once you got home?
  9. Watson's Avatar
  10. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    So happy for all of you! Cant wait for more bllogs
  11. JeannieCO's Avatar
    That just made my eye water!! The last part got to me. I’m so happy Gunny went with you.

    That's funny on the pillow too. Whoopsie!!!
  12. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    :love: this and so excited for Sarge's new life.
  13. Davidh's Avatar
    Well glad you made it there and back safe, and looks like Sarge tried to keep you entertained to whole way back. So glad he is doing well at home and can't wait to hear more stories of his life with you.
  14. kazzy220's Avatar
    I think you have quite the little character on your hands with Sarge!! I am so pleased that you have all found each other and I completely agree with what others have said ... Gunny has given this his blessing and is sat at the Rainbow Bridge smiling a big Bully Grin right now!! :luv:
  15. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw what a wonderful story this is. oh what a life this boy is going to have and cant wait to read about it. omg noones gonna read my blog no more :eek: cant wait for more good times
  16. LaurenA's Avatar
    LOL... Sarge certainly made an entrance! Hope all is going well, and I can't wait to hear more stories!