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Gunny and me


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Yesterday I gave Gunny a cookie, the kind he really likes, the kind with the chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other with cream in the center. well after his cookie he hassled me to give him another, I told him no your too fat now. He started biting at my shoes pulling at my shirt and wouldn"t leave the cookie deal alone.Later that nite when we were in bed connie was eating one of his cookies, he sat between her and I watching Connie with the darn cookie. all of a sudden he would give her a low growl and then bark real loud at her, I think he was pi**ed cuz she was eating his cookie then one more LOUD bark and gave her the stink eye, jumped at her pulling on her nite gown, she was screaming to get this crazy dog off her, It was all I could do jut to kinds hold him back, he let go of her grabbed her pillow and pulled it right out from under her that 92 pounds is hard to deal with when he wants to do something. I got him settled down, he would look at me then look at her , telling me to tell her to give him the cookie. Of course I got in trouble and he got a cookie.


  1. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    Gunny was only telling Connie that the Cookie would make her fat :love:
  2. Cooper11's Avatar
    :rofl: O Thank You I needed this blog!!! Laughing out Loud, No joke! I really want you 2 to get Gunny on camera taking Connie's pillow. That is so funny that he does that cuz you talk about him doing this a lot. He obviously wants Connie to sleep on the floor. Why is she in HIS bed???? :blink: She should have gave him that d*** cookie! :yes: Not very nice of her to eat in front of him. I love that you told gunny he is too fat :lmao: and could not have another. He knew he would get you to get him one!
  3. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Connie told me today in no uncertain words that if I cant control that dog in bed , go to the spare bedroom with him and you guys can wrestle all you want. she calls him that crazy dog with his crazy buddy . She says we act like kids and I tell her we are !
  4. cowsmom's Avatar
    I may not have always commented but I read every one. ill miss these
  5. Bizzymammabee's Avatar
    I am so sorry for your loss. Gunny sounds like quite the character. He was very blessed to have you as his human. Take comfort in all the wonderful times and memories you shared together.
  6. Biogirl71's Avatar
    I so much enjoyed reading the posts about Gunny. I don't comment often but I read them and you and Gunny won my heart in such a short time. It broke my heart to hear about his passing. Thinking of the good though, you and Gunny had a special relationship and that is not something everyone gets to experience. <3 Gunny.